Web & Mobile Design

Course Description

Students use principles of visual and interaction design to create high-fidelity web and mobile application prototypes. The course covers wireframing, layout, typography, responsive media and design, animation, mobile-first design, frameworks. Students practice skills and principles needed to create front-end web and application designs.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate design considerations of digital products
  • Acquire additional skills & techniques in digital design
  • Apply high-fidelity design concepts to other projects
  • Understand industry processes for design and development
  • And add a couple projects to your portfolio


Aug 25

What is Design?

Wikipedia says: “A design is a plan or specification for the construction of an object or system or for the implementation of an activity or process, or the ...

Sep 01

The Design Process

Processes change team to team and over time, but the general structure remains. Starting with an area to explore, some might call this a problem space or gro...

Sep 08

Responsive Design

Responsive design or responsive web design is a design approach that looks at making web pages render nicely across a variety of device and window sizes. Thi...

Sep 15

Design Systems

A design system is a set of rules, templates and components which aims to help accelerate the designing and building of software products. A design system is...

Sep 22

Hi-Fi & Detailing

Creating crisp and sharp designs help you convey your design objectives more clearly. High Fidelity detailed work bring this to the forefront through the use...

Sep 29

Theory & Execution

We have spend the last several weeks talking about design theory, principles, frameworks and methodology. Now lets get deep into how we apply these principle...

Oct 06

The Role of Storytelling

The role of storytelling and presenting your work is key to many industries, including ours. Storytelling helps you audience connect with the impact of what ...

Oct 13

📚 No Class

Best of luck on all your midterms! Look forward to reviewing your projects.

Oct 20

Guest Lecture + Design Crit

Adding some outside perspective to our course today special guess Ceda Verbakel joining us:Ceda Verbakel is a design strategist who makes sense of fuzzy huma...

Oct 27

Prototyping & Interactions

Prototype can help you answer meaningful user questions throughout the design process from paper prototypes to high fidelity very polished prototypes that mi...

Nov 03

No Class

Today’s class has been cancelled. See you all next week. Don’t forget about your reading & homework assignments!

Nov 10

Content Design

Content is king, a phrase we have all heard before but what does that mean when designing interfaces? How does content play a role in the design of an interf...

Nov 17

Design + Dev Collaboration

Working with developers is a key part of shipping a product. Learning and considering technical underpinnings is a necessary part of the design process, but ...

Nov 24

🦃 No Class

Have a great thanksgiving break!

Dec 01

Guest Lecture

As we wrap up the semester today we will also have a special guest Lindsey Dufour:Lindsey Dufour is a product designer with a background in visual and intera...

Dec 08

No Class

Best of luck on your finals! Look forward to seeing the final projects!